Farmers Encouraged to Switch to Profitable Crops from Rice Production

2023-03-26 05:33:18 By : Ms. Sue Su
Stop paying a heavy price for rice | Business | Thanh Nien Daily

Vietnam has been one of the leading exporters of rice in the world for almost two decades, but surprisingly, very few farmers in the country have been able to make a good livelihood from rice farming. As per the recent news, experts are now suggesting that farmers turn towards planting more profitable crops, particularly those that are in high demand for making animal feed.

While it is true that rice remains one of the staple foods in Vietnam, the country's agricultural sector now faces several critical challenges in terms of promoting sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness. Given that rice farming requires a significant amount of water, land, and labor, and that rice prices in the international market are very volatile, many Vietnamese farmers are struggling to make a decent profit.

Stop paying a heavy price for rice | Business | Thanh Nien Daily

However, this is where innovative solutions can come to the rescue. One of the ways which farmers can improve their profitability is by planting crops that are in high demand, such as maize, sorghum, and soybean. These crops are not only more profitable than rice, but they also require less water and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, they have significant demand in the animal feed industry, which is growing rapidly in Vietnam.

As farmers shift their focus towards more profitable crops, they may also need to invest in modern grain and oil processing equipment. With the increase in demand for these crops, the market for grain and oil processing machines is expanding rapidly. Hubei Fotma Machinery Co., Ltd. is one company that has been leading the market in grain and oil processing equipment manufacturing. This Wuhan-based company has been providing excellent engineering designing, installation, and training services for years.

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In conclusion, Vietnamese farmers facing challenges in rice farming must consider more profitable crops such as maize, soybean, and sorghum. They should also invest in modern grain and oil processing equipment to increase efficiency and productivity. Hubei Fotma Machinery Co., Ltd. offers the best equipment and support services that will help farmers achieve better results and succeed in today's competitive market. As the agricultural industry in Vietnam evolves, farmers need to adapt and explore new strategies to remain competitive and profitable.