Former Husker Sam Koch Announces Retirement After 16 Seasons in the NFL

2023-03-26 05:35:32 By : Mr. Gamier Floor
Seward native, ex-Husker Sam Koch retires from NFL after 16 seasons | Huskers |

Sam Koch: From Seward Native to NFL Veteran

Sam Koch, a native of Seward, Nebraska, has decided to call it a day on his professional football career. After 16 seasons in the NFL, Koch has announced his retirement. A former Husker, Koch has had an illustrious career in the league, and his contribution to the sport will not go unnoticed.

Koch's NFL Career

Sam Koch was drafted in 2006 when the Baltimore Ravens picked him in the sixth round. The punter played for the same team throughout his career, and his consistency and ability helped the Ravens in several ways. He played a significant role in the team's Super Bowl win in 2012, where they beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Over his career, Koch has become a household name in the NFL. He is known for his powerful and accurate punts, which often left opposing teams dealing with difficult field positions. In his career, he has recorded more than 1,250 punts for over 56,000 yards. He has also executed 40 successful onside kicks, indicating just how versatile he is as a punter.

The decision to retire was a difficult one for Koch, who had played in every regular-season game since 2006. However, he knew that the time was right to hang up his boots.

Life After Football

Despite retiring from football, Koch will remain active in the sporting world. He aims to use his experience and knowledge to help young players improve their punting techniques. He is poised to become an instructor and mentor for aspiring punters, and his insight into the game will be invaluable to those he chooses to work with.

Koch will also continue with his charity work through the Sam Koch Foundation. The foundation aims to help children who have life-altering illnesses by providing them with opportunities to experience outdoor activities in a safe and inclusive environment.

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Seward native, ex-Husker Sam Koch retires from NFL after 16 seasons | Huskers |

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Final Thoughts

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