SYZX Cold Oil Expeller with twin-shaft

200A-3 screw oil expeller is widely applies for oil pressing of rapeseeds, cotton seeds, peanut kernel, soybean, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc.. If change the inner pressing cage, which can be used for oil pressing for low oil content materials such as rice bran and animal oil materials. It is also the major machine for second pressing of high oil content materials such as copra. This machine is with high market share.

Products Details

1. Capacity: 45-50T/D(low-temperature press for sunflower seed kernel); 80-100T/D(high-temperature press for peanut) 2. Electric motor power: 75KW(high-temperature pressing); 55KW(low-temperature pressing) 3. Rotary speed of main motor: 23rpm 4. Electric current of main motor: 65-85A 5. Thickness of cake: 8-12mm 6. Oil content in cake: 15-17%(high-temperature press); 12-14%(low-temperature press ) 7. Overall dimension(L×W×H):4535×2560×3055mm 8. Net weight: about 10500kgThe SYZX series cold oil expeller is a new twin-shaft screw oil press machine which designed in our innovative technology. In the pressing cage there are two parallel screw shafts with contrary rotating direction, conveying the material forward by shearing force, which has strong pushing force. The design can get high compression ratio and oil gain, the oil outflow pass can be self-cleaned. The machine is suitable for both low temperature pressing(also called cold pressing) and normal pressing of vegetable oil seeds such as tea seed kernel, husked rapeseed kernel, soybean, peanut kernel, sunflower seed kernel, perilla seed kernel, azedarach seed kernel, chinaberry seed kernel, copra, etc. It can also be used for the high-temperature pressing of animal scarps and fish shrimp scraps. It is priorly applies for procesing the seeds of high fiber content, small and middle product capacity, and special kinds of seeds, which can produce pure natural with no additive health oil, and the byproducts are low harmed, so as to fully utilized the byproducts.1. Compact in structure, sturdy and durable. 2. With adjusting vessel, so the machine can adjust the temperature and water content of the flakes. 3. Two parallel screw shafts push the flakes forward, the shearing force acts so as to solve the problem of the press of high oil content, low fiber content seed kernel. 4. With the powerful shearing force, the machine has excellent self-clean ability, is applicable for the low-temperature press of various kinds of high oil content seed kernel. 5. The easily worn parts adopt high abrasion rasistance mental material so they quite durable.1. Capacity: 5-6T/D(low-temperature press for husked rapeseed) 4-6T/D(low-temperature press for teaseed) 2. Electric motor power: 18.5KW(low-temperature press) 3. Rotary speed of main motor: 13.5rpm 4. Electric current of main motor: 20-37A 5. Thickness of cake: 7-10mm 6. Oil content in cake: 5-7%(low-temperature press for husked rapeseed); 4-6.5%(low-temperature press for teaseed) 7. Overall dimension(L×W×H): 3300×1000×2380mm 8. Net weight: about 4000kg

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